“Art with Purpose”, “Activism merging with boundless imagination of Art”

There are many different definitions about the meaning of the word, ‘Artivism’. However, I personally believe art is a wonderful communication tool. For me, it speaks better and more than words, because of its unique creative force and its power to communicate and connect with people. I announced that what I do is a part of the act because I would like to speak for what I love— endangered cultures and animals.

My Artivism started out of LOVE, love of indigenous Australian culture and its animals.

It was in 2017, after travelling for almost 5 years. I spent lots of time in remote places. The people I had spent the time with planted the love of different remote cultures in me. As the feeling of love grew bigger every day, I felt more sensitive about how those unique tribes and traditions are endangered by modern lifestyle.

Back then I was in Australia working at a private primary school. I was deeply in love with Australian indigenous cultures but the school was not teaching much about the land and its beautiful culture. So I started reading about them to talk about it in the class. Then, later on, I decided to ‘study’ more closely and deeply.

One day, as fate would have it, one of my music busker friends recommended me to draw outside and try out. And I did. I drew about ‘the original Australian’ culture, I did many of them. Additionally, I talked to people, especially with children about those inspiring stories that I studied about.

From ever since it has evolved. The busking act, idea and concept, inspiration and so on. What I am most grateful about is that I can contribute my skills and imagination to the world for its good.

If you would like to check what is my artivistic drawing you can continue by clicking the link below.

Thank you with my heart-full,