This Spring is cold and damn long..


Hello everyone out there,

Since my new homepage is open I have been feeling pressure to write a post. Today I start!

I have been inside my cave for such a long time! The weather does not go easy on my bare feet yet:( If you are following me on SNS you might noticed that I am experimenting on different surfaces and materials instead of pavement and chalk! So I would like to share you one of the experiments today..that is my dear Petroglyphs!

But before that I would like to tell you something:)

When I was travelling, I was a very lazy traveller, I meant, in terms of carrying stuff. I would have the minimum of everything that is necessary. I was only travelling with 45L backpack. You imagine, I put a tent and a sleeping bag the bag was already half-full. So for my drawing hobby.. I had a colour pencil that has 7 different colours in! ( ALL-in-ONE, PRETTY AMZING INDEED) MY BEST MATE, THE MOST FAVOURITE PENCIL OF ALL TIME. Here, I share some of the travelling sketches of that kind.


After NYC, I am in PARIS. I have a place for a year… I have been buying lots of Art materials. Because I needed, I thought I needed, out of curiosity and so on….(as a result I am here nowhere to fit into a backpack now…sad) Through Instagram I found this colourful marker that is exactly the same as my most favourite colour pencil in the world!!

Dreamtime no.1

Dreamtime no.1


YAAAAAAS, of course I bought them. And I bought them MANY. But the problem was that I wasn’t very inspired at that moment and I didn’t know what to do with it. I put it a side for a month or two and came up with an idea of primitive arts like cave drawing. What we call ‘petroglyph’. I was already familiar with it since I saw a lot in Australia!


SO I started to doodle those on the canvas. Guess what? I quite liked the result! So what did I do? I continued, this time I drew my dream. The rainbow colour in black background gave me dreamy feeling, so I decided to call it “Dreamtime”.

Most of all, my intention of this doodling was to let go of ‘perfectionism’. I have been always wanting to make it looks good and mostly perfect. I wanted to leave that behind because I started to feel bad and even stressed about it when it does not go as I intended ‘PERFECT’.

Dreamtime no.2

Dreamtime no.2


Oh my, I tell you I liked it. I LOVED IT. I could just draw on and on. I drew the main part and the rest came as it is. Here is the thing, I personally, again, I like cluster of things. Such as microscopic pictures, patterns,,…what else? Anyway. It gives me overwhelming, satisfying warmth. Well, at least that is how I feel.

Dreamtime no.3

Dreamtime no.3

This third drawing was inspired from my experience in Easter island. My the most favourite place in the world, deserves my the most favourite pencil, marker whatever!!! (OH I MISS EASTER ISLAND SO MUCH. HUUUU..:()

Thinking of making T-shirt out of the drawings… just for me :D ahahah If you are interested in CONTACT me YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO GET ONE TOO!


Lots of Love,


‘Dreamtime no.1’ / Mixed Media / 300 x 430 mm / Canvas

‘Dreamtime no.2’ / Mixed Media / 300 x 430 mm / Canvas

‘Dreamtime no.3’ / Mixed Media / 300 x 430 mm / Canvas