The Cheoyong Surfer

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Cheoyong dance is one of the oldest dance held in the royal palace. (It was performed since Silla dynasty. Silla was founded in 57 B.C.)

Its colourful costume symbolises five directions, blue-east, red-west, yellow-centre, white-south, black-north.

The Cheoyong dance was performed to keep the bad spirits out and to wish for the good of the country at the end of the year. So it can be easily compared with the Lion dance. One for the ordinary people and the other for the royal family.

Just to let you know the craft skill to make the mask has vanished completely since 1900 for 30 years, And now there is a master who is working on restoring the Cheoyong mask.

‘Padotagi’ Series,

Padotagi means ‘riding waves’ in Korean. This series was published to revive Korean traditional dance, ‘Talchum’. Unfortunately Talchum is losing its original form and tradition because of lack of young apprentices.

Seoul, Korea, 2018